About Chlor-Alkali & Derivatives 

PPG Lake Charles

Axiall is a global producer of chlorine, caustic soda and related chemicals for use in a variety of applications including chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper production, water treatment, plastics production and agricultural products.

Manufacturing Excellence
Continually investing in our processes and the people who control them is the foundation of Axiall’s manufacturing excellence. Some investments are big, such as millions spent developing next-generation membrane technology. Others are the equally important day-to-day investments, like ensuring our operators and mechanics—some of the best in the industry—are well-trained and have the tools needed for success. These manufacturing experts use advanced process controls, analytical instrumentation and management tools like Sigma Logic to produce high quality products in the most cost-efficient manner.

Benchmark Environment, Health and Safety
Axiall accepts responsibility to protect the health and safety of people and the environment during the manufacture, sale and use of our products.

Axiall employees have undergone comprehensive EHS training with a goal to ensure each goes home safely every day. Axiall processes and procedures are designed with both employee safety and environmental protection as key considerations.