Because Axiall Chlor-Alkali & Derivatives believes customer service is a career and not a career steppingstone, its U.S.-based global customer service team is staffed with seasoned, experienced professionals. Many have more than 30 years of experience building long-term, one-on-one relationships with customers that result in rapid response to inquiries and proactive assessment of customer needs.

Available 24/7, Axiall Chlor-Alkali & Derivatives can provide tailored levels of customer service—from handling simple account inquiries to assuming responsibility for the entire material requisition process.

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 Chlor-Alkali Products and
 Chlorinated Ethylenes
 Fax: +1 724-325-5050

 Calcium Hypochlorite
 Fax: +1 724-325-5047

 Specialty Phosgene Derivatives
 Fax: +1 724-325-5042