Quality / ISO Certification

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

 Sodium hypochlorite
 Sodium hydroxide (food processing)
 Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide

NSF Certification

Axiall Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives has NSF White Book™ Listings for sodium hydroxide, caustic soda and calcium hypochlorite. These Listings are USDA-authorized and NSF-registered proprietary substances and nonfood compounds. 

Axiall manufactures and sells calcium hypochlorite under various brand names such as Accu-Tab®, Pittabs®, Induclor®, Pittclor®, and Zappit™. These products are NSF/ANSI Standard 60 listed. The maximum use level for calcium hypochlorite is 15 mg/L (65% available chlorine) and 14 mg/L (70% available chlorine). The granular product is manufactured at the New Martinsville, West Virginia, plant and made into tablets at the Sauget, Illinois and Tyler, Minnesota locations. In addition, several Accu-Tab chlorinators are NSF Standard 50 listed for swimming pools and NSF Standard 61 listed for drinking water system components.

NSF Transition Letter

If you need additional information, please visit the NSF website at www.nsf.org and www.nsf.org/usda.