Cal-Hypo Products 

An important general purpose sanitizer, calcium hypochlorite (cal-hypo) is used in a range of water treatment applications including swimming pools, drinking water, wastewater, safety and irrigation.

Axiall produces various forms and grades of calcium hypochlorite:

A granular form of cal-hypo, with 68% and 73% available chlorine, used in industrial and swimming pool applications.

  • Available brands: Induclor®, Pittclor® and Zappit™ cal-hypo granules

7 gram tablets with 68% available chlorine used in industrial and pool applications that require time-delivered characteristics.

  • Available brands: Accu-Tab®, Indutab®, and Pittab® cal-hypo tablets

Complete Chlorination Solutions

Accu-Tab® System
The Accu-Tab chlorination system combines patented erosion feeder chlorinator technology
with proprietary cal-hypo tablets, offering a safer, simple and effective chlorination solution. Available in a range of sizes that are capable of chlorinating hundreds to millions of gallons of water a day, the custom-manufactured chlorinators are ideal for a wide variety of aquatic and industrial applications.  


NSF Certification

Our calcium hypochlorite products are NSF/ANSI Standard 60 listed. The maximum use level for calcium hypochlorite is 15 mg/L (65% available chlorine) and 14 mg/L (70% available chlorine). The granular product is manufactured at the New Martinsville, West Virginia, plant and made into tablets at the Sauget, Illinois and Tyler, Minnesota locations. In addition, several Accu-Tab chlorinators are NSF Standard 50 listed for swimming pools and NSF Standard 61 listed for drinking water system components.

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