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With four product lines: chlor-alkali products, chlorinated ethylenes, calcium hypochlorite and specialty phosgene derivatives, Axiall Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives is a global producer of chemicals that are essential building blocks for countless products that the world depends upon each and every day. 

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 Chlor-Alkali Products

 Chlorinated Ethylenes 

 Calcium Hypochlorite

 Specialty Phosgene Derivatives

 - Caustic soda (liquid)
 - Caustic soda (PELS®
   anhydrous beads)
 - Caustic soda (PELS®
   PLUS anhydrous beads)
 - Chlorine
 - Muriatic acid
 - Ethyl chloride
 - Ethylene dichloride
 - Perchloroethylene
 - Trichloroethylene
 - Tri-ethane® solvent 
 - VersaTRANS® solvent
   (trans 1,2-dichloroethylene)
 - Vinyl chloride monomer
 - Accu-Tab® tablets
 - Induclor® granules
 - Indutabs® tablets
 - Pittclor® granules
 - Pittabs® tablets
 - Zappit™ granules
 - Acid chlorides
   - 2-Ethylhexanoyl
   - Isobutyroyl chloride
   - Isononanoyl chloride
   - Neo-decanoyl chloride
   - Neo-heptanoyl chloride
   - Octanoyl chloride
   - Pivaloyl chloride

 - Chloroformates
   - 2-Ethylhexyl
   - Allyl chloroformate
   - Diethylene glycol
   - Ethyl chloroformate
   - Isobutyl chloroformate
   - Isopropyl chloroformate
   - Methyl chloroformate
   - Phenyl chloroformate
   - Sec-butyl chloroformate

 Caustic Soda  

An essential ingredient in a variety of industrial applications, caustic soda is used in the manufacturing of pulp and paper, soap and detergent, textiles, aluminum and petrochemical refining.

Caustic soda manual

Liquid Caustic Soda 
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      Mercury grade


PELS® Anhydrous Caustic Beads
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PELS® PLUS Anhydrous Caustic Beads 
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Well known for its disinfecting ability, chlorine is an essential reagent in the chemical industry and serves as a building block in thousands of products.

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To learn more about this valuable chemical and all of its benefits to the modern world, visit The Chlorine Tree from the American Chemistry Council.

The Chlorine Tree logo is a trademark of the American Chemistry Council.

Muriatic Acid / Hydrochloric Acid

Muriatic acid is used in chemicals and pharmaceutical production, food processing, steel pickeling and natural gas and oil production. Axiall produces a high-quality burner grade muriatic acid that is available in tank trucks and tank cars. 

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 Ethyl Chloride

Ethyl chloride serves as a base or intermediate in various coatings, films, plastics and gasoline additives. Liquid ethyl chloride is available for shipment in tank trucks, tank cars and ships.

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 Ethylene Dichloride
Ethylene dichloride is primarily used as an intermediate for making vinyl chloride. Axiall makes ethylene dichloride in a high purity grade that is shipped in barges and ocean-going tankers.

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Perchloroethylene (perchlor) is a chlorinated solvent that is used extensively by dry cleaning plants. Other applications include vapor degreasing, and use as a chemical intermediate and processing solvent. Available for shipment in barges, tank trucks, tank cars and ships, the following grades of perchlor are available:

  • Fluorocarbon grade for feedstock applications
  • Dry cleaning grade (not suitable for vapor degreasing of metals)
  • Degreasing and general solvent grade (also usable for dry cleaning)
  • Heavy-duty grade for severe degreasing applications
  • Catalyst grade used in the petroleum refining industry for the regeneration of catalyst in isomerization and reformer refinery operations
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Trichloroethylene (or trichlor) is an excellent solvent used in a variety of degreasing and cold cleaning applications, as well as other special applications. Available for shipment in barges, tank trucks, tank cars and ships, the following grades of trichlor are offered:

  • Degreasing and general solvent grade for heavy-duty vapor degreasing and cold cleaning
  • Dual-purpose grade may be used for liquid oxygen flushing and vapor degreasing
  • High-purity grade is a low residue solvent for cleaning electronic components, chemical synthesis and liquid oxygen flushing
  • Fluorocarbon grade for feedstock applications
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 Tri-ethane® solvent (1,1,1-Trichloroethane)
Used for various industrial purposes, Tri-ethane® solvent is available for fluorocarbon feedstock, chemical intermediate application and other non-emissive uses. Shipments can be made in barges, tank trucks and tank cars.

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 VersaTRANS® Solvent (trans 1,2-dichloroethylene) 
VersaTrans® solvent is used in a variety of applications including electronics cleaning, precision cleaning, and certain metal cleaning applications. VersaTrans solvent is a flammable material sold in drums, tank trucks and ISO tanks.

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 Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)
Most vinyl chloride is polymerized to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which finds wide application in consumer and industrial products. VCM is available for bulk shipment in ocean-going tankers and tank cars.

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