Our Expertise

Our success relies on the ability to provide customers with the tailored solutions they require, where
and when they want them.
We are able to do this — better than anyone else — because of our
expertise in coordinating our knowledge, resource and technical abilities across all areas of our operation.

While building close partner-ships
with customers at a local level,
PPG Architectural Coatings
EMEA brings to each relationship
the substantial technological and
manufacturing expertise of its
global experience. 

The combination of this unique capacity of resources, together with considerable
flexibility, ensures that we are consistently able to meet customer demands time after
time, against the most demanding criteria of quality, cost and reliability.

Our starting point is always to talk with — and listen to — the people we do business
with. This enables us to develop imaginative solutions that quickly suit particular needs.

Producing coatings solutions that are both attractive and effective when applied to
apartment buildings, houses, offices, hospitals, school and university buildings but also
kindergartens is our primary objective.