Research and Development

We invest in research and development to create innovative formulae and devise means of achieving the same results more effectively and economically. The engines of innovation are always the same: performance, price, colour control, ease of application and environmental compliance. And, it is our close relationship with customers that allows us to keep coming up with new solutions.

Our problem solving approach to Research and Development helps to ensure that our customers compete successfully in their given markets. The specialist Research and Development centres are strategically based across all our areas of operation. Each centre supports manufacturing sites, which are linked directly to our markets through our totally integrated supply chain management system.

This system governs the pace of activity at every stage, from sourcing raw materials to manufacture, storage and distribution.

The process of innovation is relentless. We use the knowledge of our people and our market insights to predict trends, and we formulate new products that meet the constantly evolving demands of the markets we serve.