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About us


About us

 Established in 1732, Sigma Paints is recognized as one of the leading forces in the Decorative, Marine and Protective market segment in the Middle East's paints and coatings business. Leadership to us means to be ahead of the market, offering new ideas, anticipating and providing sustainable solutions to the paint problems of our customers. In order to retain this elevated position, we focus on innovation, dedication and durable protection, the brand values of the company.

We invest continuously in research and development offering the most innovative coating solutions in the region. We provide complete and comprehensive product ranges and harness corporate intelligence and creativity to generate innovative ideas that contribute in building the efficiency, profitability and success of our customer's businesses. Our commitment to quality was recognized in 1994 when we became the first paints and coatings company in Saudi Arabia to receive ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Our coating systems are specially designed to endure the most aggressive climatic conditions prevalent throughout the Middle East. Before any new product is introduced to the market, our Research & Development laboratories do extensive product testing to ensure that the performance of the products are equal to the challenge of the real life environment to which they will be exposed.

We measure our success as a provider of added value through ambition, expertise, innovation and commitment. Our business is a people business in which we strive to develop and maintain the very best relationships with all our stakeholders.



  • - More than 450 employees
  • - Presence in 10 countries in the Middle East with the headquarters located in Dammam, KSA
  • - 2 Factories in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one factory in Egypt
  • - The first company in KSA to attain the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation
  • - The first company in the Middle East to introduce 0 VOC product
  • - The first company in the Middle East to introduce the Service Center concept
  • - The first company in the Middle East to introduce plastic drums
  • - Over 130 outlets across the region



Since our establishment was concerned about the environment. We believe that it is not enough to talk about the environment but most important is to demonstrate an active concern for the environment. We are proud that we practice the same message that we enforce to consumers.


Zero VOC Paint System

We introduced the zero VOC paint system in 2010. The new Zero VOC product range formed a leap further in its compliance with the highest environmental standards. The new range consist of water based products are absolutely 'clean' paints with no harmful substances for human beings.

Eco Protection Logo

The Eco Protection Logo takes it essence from our strong belief of preserving the ecosystem by providing durable and innovative solutions with the LOW-VOC products we proudly produce. The globe icon stands for our commitment to protect the earth as a whole while the vivid colors (green, blue, orange) provide a healthy and sustainable surrounding.


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Sigma Paints S.A. Ltd.
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E-Mail : info@sigmapaints.com

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