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About Us
The market for Architectural Coatings in Belgium consists of two big groups: Professionals f.i. painters and consumers. We are delivering paint and other materials to both groups trough different channels.
The professionals can get their paints via our own Sigma Service Centers (SSC) or via the wholesaler in the neighbourhood. In our SSC we are 100% PPG with dedicated people, dedicated brands and assortments. High accessibility, full logistic support, building site support and technical and color advice are our strong points to meet their needs.
The brands Sigma Coatings and Seigneurie are the two brands we deliver through these channels.

For consumers we created the brand Histor that can be purchased in interior shops and construction shops ( f.e. Brico). Recently a new formula is developed called the Sigma Select Shop where both painters and consumers can fulfil their needs.



We employ around 205 colleagues in Belgium. Headquarters are based in Hasselt and 17 SSC’s are spread through the whole country. 25 wholesalers support us in every day’s business.

We focus on:
• Via our own distribution we control the flow from the manufacturing sites in the Netherlands to our customers and we respect the delivery terms!
• 23 technical commercial advisors are crossing the country every day en make us able to be at a yard within 24 hours to provide technical solutions to the painter.

• 17 SSC’s and 25 wholesalers promise a supply within a range of maximum 30 km from the painter!

Technical advice

• Base don the information we get about a building, we deliver a full step plan with all the information needed. Treatment of the underground, reparations when necessary and finishing layers are very definitely defined.

Colour advice
• For prescribers and architects the CD ColourViewer, a software programme, allowes to test the colours that suit the building best.
• Our Colour Designers, independent specialist of colour and interior decoration, are available to help with colour advice.

Support of large projects
• 4 project coördinators are available all the time .

Visit of the application specialist on the yard
• When requested our specialists visit the yard and demonstrates and comments on techniques.

Colour samples
• NCS samples in A4 format can be requested


• We offer Group or individual trainings in the headquarters or SSC’s or on the yard.


We consider sustainability not only to be about environment and health, but also about the wellbeing of our employees and our social environment.
All our actions their fore are bundled under the name “Cleannovations”. For example we have the European Eco label on a lot of our paints like Sigmacryl Ecoplus, which guarantees an environment friendly production of paint.
Eco Collect is the project that disposes in a “proper” way of the empty trays of paint and all other disposals. SigmaCare consist of a broad range of products like CleanAir, Immun, Fungi and ReduNox that act against bacteria, fungi, toxins in the air and so on.
Also in Hasselt we chose to exclusively deal with “green” electricity and to motivate our employees to be economical with the use of electricity. In fact inspiration never ends when we talk about this subject!


PPG Headquarters
Genkersteenweg 311
3500 Hasselt Belgium
Tel: +32 11 27870 1


Terms of Delivery
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