PPG Transparent Armor and Specialty Products

Securitect® and OmniArmor® Transparent Armor are designed and tested to provide enhanced protection against some of the most severe ballistic and blast threats

PPG works closely with U.S. military agencies and vehicle OEMs and integrators to develop
new cross-sections and configurations to provide protection against evolving threats 


Unique capabilities to meet a variety of ballistic transparent armor needs – Capabilities Overview

Advanced light-weight solutions certified to a range of worldwide specifications including:
U.S. Military, NATO, NIJ, DIN and UL

Superior optics

High visible light transmission

Night vision capability

Superior UV resistance

Demonstrated service life performance in challenging environments

Customized advanced features such as de-ice / de-fog capability, electromagnetic protection,
and radar cross-section reduction

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Global Segment Manager
Transparent Armor
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