Industrial Sealants & Adhesives 

PRC Rapid Seal® Industrial Sealants and Adhesives

High performance sealants to provide protection from fuel and petroleum
 exposure Sealants for Telecom and Utility applications

PRC Rapid Seal® Fuel Resistant Industrial Sealants
 High performance sealants for use in and around chemical storage tanks
 Maintain properties after prolonged exposure to gasoline, crude oil or ethanol
 Seal around tank rivet heads and chine areas
 Seal fixed and floating roof systems
 Seal joints in concrete and steel structures
 Tank coating for steel storage tanks
PRC-DeSoto Telecom / Utility Products
 Pedestal sealing
 Conduit sealing
 Cable plugging
 Fire stop
 Dispensing guns and waterless hand cleaner
Fuel Resistant Industrial Sealants
Telecom and Utility Sealants

John Sands

Global Business Manager,
Aerospace Sealants Products
PPG Aerospace / PRC-DeSoto
Email: john.sands@ppg.com
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