Semco® Model 550 Sealant Gun 

Semco® Model 550 Sealant Gun

The Semco® Model 550 sealant gun is designed for the pneumatic application of sealant, caulking, adhesive, and other compounds packaged in Semco® 1/10th gallon, 20, and 32 oz. cartridges. Parts are available to convert the gun from one size to another. Air hoses to operate the gun must be ordered separately.

These lightweight guns are constructed of cast aluminum and other durable materials. The 1/10 gallon cartridge retainer is secured to the gun via a springloaded quick-disconnect using the bayonet locking feature on the retainer. The 20 and 32 oz. retainers can be quickly and easily attached to the gun using a threaded bezel.


  • Reduces applied material cost
  • Provides accurate material control
  • Lightweight
  • 0-100 psi (0-6.9 bar) operating range
  • Available in 20, 32 oz. and 1/10th gallon sizes
  • Durable, shock resistant parts
  • Touch control on trigger regulates flow
  • Positive control for smooth, even dispensing
  • Quiet operation
Model 550 Gun
Description Part Number
1/10 gallon 231551
20 oz. 231218
32 oz. 233688