Create the ultimate travel experience with Alteos™ Interactive Window Systems

     Combines efficient performance with elegant styling
      Reduced UV and IR transmission lowers aircraft heat load
       Self-contained window systems with no moving parts, lighter weight



Full window view - silent finger-tip operation - sophisticated design



Advanced technology reflects the advanced interior design of the aircraft, replacing manual pull down shades




Design flexibility to meet the technical and interior design requirements of the aircraft




Individual and central controls - Fails to clear state without the need for battery backup




High vision clarity and color neutral at all light transmittance levels




Lower maintenance cost - easier to maintain, lighter weight, self-contained, no moving parts




Reduced cabin heat load - enhanced operating efficiency of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems




Boeing's technology choice for the 787 Dreamliner




Time-tested chemistry and durable device construction




The PPG-Gentex Advantage - the most advanced technology and product support 




Transparency Bulletins - Commercial / Civil


Commercial Aviation
Regional Aviation
General Aviation
Military Aviation


 Anthony Stone

Director - New Business Development
PPG Aerospace, Transparencies
Email: astone@ppg.com 


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