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Total Service Solutions from PPG Aerospace is our full cycle chemical and fluid management, process management and logistics solution

The entire life cycle of global chemical management services that contribute to your bottom line

Financial Strength & Security - PPG annual revenues: $15B

Global Infrastructure - PPG operates in 70 countries

Chemical Knowledge - PPG is a global chemical manufacturer

Chemical Technology - PPG maintains in-house laboratory specification testing capabilities

Chemical Data Reporting - PPG's Hazardous Material Management (HMM) system used for environmental compliance

Right-size Packaging - PPG offers in-house repackaging capabilities to provide use quantities which match purchase quantities

Shelf life Inventory Management - PPG has vast experience in managing shelf life sensitive products (e.g. pre-mixed frozen) 

MSDS Management - Accurate environmental constituency data management and document retention is provided

Point of Use (POU) Inventory Management - POU is system managed, auto replenished and provides serialized container management

Chemical Management reduces your corporate risk.


William Walker

Global Sales & Marketing Manager,
Total Service Solutions
Chemical Management
PPG Aerospace

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