PPG Industries is dedicated to offering a variety of quality automotive pretreatment products. These technologies are applied onto the automotive body through a series of immersion or spray baths.

This finish adds value through improving appearance, paint adhesion, and the overall corrosion protection of the vehicle.

Automotive Pretreatment exhibits a wide array of benefits including:

  • Superior Corrosion Protection
  • Improved Metal Cleanliness
  • Excellent Paint Adhesion
  • Increased Uniform Metal Appearance

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc phosphate pretreatment is a well-established method of providing metal cleanliness and corrosion protection to the surface of an automotive car body.

This coating technique is used for a variety of applications from automotive bodies to small parts such as engine mounts. During application, automotive bodies are sent through a series of spray and immersion tanks. A typical zinc phosphate process begins with multiple cleaning stages, followed by a titanated activating rinse, zinc phosphate and a sealant rinse. The process is completed by multiple deionized water rinses.

This sequence not only prepares the car body for a subsequent paint system but also retards any further metal oxidation and provides a uniform metal appearance. The phosphated car body is then sent to the electrocoat dip tank to begin the painting process.


PPG Pretreatment offers an extensive line of cleaning materials to prepare the automotive body for phosphating. The Chemkleen™ product line ranges from alkaline spraywash and immersion cleaners, emulsion based cleaners, along with solvent and aqueous based pre-wipe materials for sealer removal.

Activating Agents
Rinse Conditioner is an activating agent that is used prior to the phosphate stage. This product increases the number of sites on the metal surface where the phosphate crystals form. Both powder and liquid Rinse Conditioner products are available.

Chemfos™ pre-paint conversion coatings are suitable for spray or immersion applications prior to subsequent painting the vehicle. PPG Pretreatment offers a wide array of products to meet each customer's needs and requirements.

Sealant Rinse
Chemseal™ final rinse additives are used after phosphating. These materials are specifically formulated to seal the phosphate coating and improve the adhesion & corrosion resistance of subsequent layers.

Plastic Wash
PPG Pretreatment offers many power spraywash cleaners for removal of soil and mold release compounds from all types of plastic prior to subsequent paint operations. Rinse aid materials are also available and are used in conjunction with the spraywash cleaners to condition the plastic surface, enhancing the adhesion of the subsequent paint finish.