Compact Paint Systems

PPG Industries has introduced three technologies designed to streamline the traditional automotive painting process.  Referred to as Compact Paint Systems or Compact Paint Processes, these technologies generate substantial savings in capital and operating costs for OEMs by reducing the manufacturing footprint of a paint shop, lowering energy consumption, and increasing overall process efficiency.

A traditional automotive paint process begins with the application of pretreatment and electrocoat followed by a primer layer. After the primer layer is cured, a topcoat layer of basecoat and clearcoat is applied and cured. The result is a five-layer lustrous and durable paint finish. This process is the industry norm, whether the topcoat chemistry is based on water, solvent, or powder. However, this process has become a focus of technical brainstorming because it is both costly and time-consuming. The normal paint process requires well over 3 hours to complete and uses considerable amounts of paint materials, electricity, natural gas, and manpower. One area of breakthrough for PPG has been the re-design of the primer application.

By re-engineering the surrounding paint layers, PPG has pioneered a way to either eliminate the need for a separate primer layer altogether or to shrink its process complexity while retaining the benefits provided by the primer layer. Either method reduces the total cost and time of vehicle painting.

B1:B2 Compact Paint System

PPG’s B1:B2 Compact Paint System eliminates the need for primer by enhancing the properties of the two layers of basecoat that are used. In this system, the B1 layer provides primer, filling, anti-chip, and durability benefits. The B2 layer provides color and additional durability. Both the B1 and B2 layers are applied wet-on-wet without a heated flash-off zone in between.

3C1B Compact Paint System

PPG’s 3C1B Compact Paint System lowers cost and complexity by allowing the wet-on-wet-on-wet application of primer, basecoat, and clearcoat – without any heated flash-off zones in between. This system uses specifically engineered paint layers to allow the process re-design while meeting appearance, performance, and throughput requirements.

P2Zero Compact Paint System

The P2Zero® Compact Paint System utilizes PPG’s new PZB powder basecoat, combined with Enviracryl® powder clearcoat, to create a paint finish equal in appearance to liquid systems. This is accomplished through PPG’s innovation of its “Spindel” process for manufacturing metallic powder basecoats. The P2Zero® Compact Paint System is 100 percent powder, but it can be adapted for use with liquid clearcoat in a “hybrid” approach. The primer function is integrated into the PZB basecoat – reducing time, space, and cost.

Each of PPG’s innovative topcoat processes meets automotive manufacturers’ stringent requirements for quality, throughput, and long-term field durability. PPG has a Compact Paint Process to match any topcoat technology currently being used in automotive manufacturing facilities – B1B2 for water or solvent, High Solids 3C1B for solvent, and P2Zero® for powder.