Durabed Sprayable Bedliner

While spray-in bedliners have been available through the aftermarket for over 15 years, Durabed®  sprayable bedliner is the first and only factory applied spray-in bedliner used today in automotive assembly plants.

Relative to typical aftermarket spray-in bedliners, Durabed®  sprayable bedliner has superior outdoor weather resistance that is comparable to long-lasting automotive paint.  It offers this, as well as many other robust properties, at very low film thicknesses compared to aftermarket bedliners, resulting in less weight and greater fuel economy.

Other key properties include excellent resistance to physical damage such as gouging, tearing, and many forms of abrasion. Durabed®  sprayable bedliner also has outstanding chip resistance compared to many other coatings and does not produce the noise and corrosion caused by drop-in plastic bedliners.