A lead-free, low-VOC electrocoat with all the advantages of conventional electrocoat products and more.

Enviro-Prime® 2000 global lead-free electrocoat is the product of choice for all automotive assembly plants and the next logical step for those currently using fifth generation lead-containing products.
It features: 

  • Very Low VOC 
  • HAPS Compliant
  • Enhanced bare-steel corrosion protection
  • Better pinhole rupture performance
  • Improved coating efficiency
  • Lower curing temperature
  • Lower overall cost to the customer

In addition, Enviro-Prime® 2000 can be used as the first coat of a Power-Prime system allowing customers to continue to use a known, proven coating technology when they are ready to improve their primer-surfacer application process by converting to Power-Prime®.

These desirable characteristics make Enviro-Prime® 2000 the right choice for today and tomorrow!