Precoated Finishes

PPG Industries is dedicated to offering a variety of innovative automotive precoated finished products. These unique technologies are roll applied onto coil substrates and are sent directly to the stamping facilities.

These finishes add value through improving appearance, supplying superior performance and reducing production processes.

Automotive Precoated Finishes exhibit a wide array of benefits including:

  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Improved formability
  • Simplifying paint processes

Coil Coating

Coil Coating is a highly efficient method of roll applying uniform paint films directly to the surface of a coil substrate.

Coil coating techniques are used for a variety of applications from automotive body panels to industrial products such as aluminum siding. During application, coil substrates are unwound, cleaned, pretreated, primed, topcoated, and rewound all in the same process.

The painted coil substrate is then sent to the manufacturer who can blank and stamp the finished part without damaging or compromising the performance of the coating.

Automotive precoated finishes can simplify production processes and add important performance attributes to the manufactured part


Our precoated technologies are designed to improve corrosion, appearance, durability and formability. These coil applied coatings add substantial value while simplifying production processes.

Bonazinc coatings are a class of modified epoxy weldable primers which can be applied to a variety of metal substrates. They provide unparalleled corrosion protection to hem flanges, box cavities and "hard to reach areas".

Flexgard is a family of ultra-durable fluoropolymer coil coatings that are designed for interior and exterior appliques. This technology is the highest performing applique system used in the automotive industry.

Underhood Finish
These coating systems offer outstanding corrosion, durability and performance for underhood components.