Facility/Process capabilities available to fit your needs
Test paintability of new designs
Validate new application, circulation and curing equipment
Establish equipment set-up parameters
Validate new product or process technology
Rapid Drying (FastFlash®*)
Real time water injection (RHAAP*) for waterborne base coats
Viscosity-reducing hot spray (JIT*) to eliminate VOCs
Test paint transfer efficiencies
Test application and production strategies
Train engineers, operators and hourly employees
Duplicate process and environment
Optimized robot paths
Trial test liquid, powder or sealer products
Develop new processes to improve quality and reduce cost
Handling full automotive bodies and parts to kitchen-size or handheld devices
(*New PPG Process Inventions with Patents or Patent Pending)

Ultimate Risk Management = Maximum Cost Avoidance

Utilizing the facilities of The PPG Flint Application Development Center and Learning Lab provides your team with distinct development, production and bottom line advantages from two business-critical points of view:

Allows pre-testing of material
Allows pre-planning
Establishes application parameters
Reduces launch time and repairs
Pre-tests process and environment
Validates processes
Allows pre-training of personnel

Increases plant productivity
Reduces in-plant rework
Reduces field warranty
Reduces scrap
Increases speed to market