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Frequently Asked Questions – Internet Update

Internet Update Registration and Authentication

How do I sign up for Internet Update?

Any user of PPG products that is currently using PaintManager™ software and has a high-speed internet connection can register for Internet Update. For more information, you can return to our Internet Update overview.

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What is my CTS number and where can I find it?

The CTS or Customer Tracking System number is a set of unique numbers associated with your location. To find your CTS number, it is visible on the mailing label of the PaintManager™ CD or Repaint Reporter publication. For assistance in retrieving your CTS number, call your customer service representative.

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Why do I have to provide my electronic signature on the consent form?

The Internet Update utility provides an exchange of information that is two-way - PPG will provide new color formulas, product and pricing information to the end user on a routine basis as well as retrieve site data from the shop or Distributor computer. To recognize the level of confidentiality required in this exchange, the signature of the business owner or manager per location of installation is required to confirm consent. To simplify the process, an electronic signature is acceptable.

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What is PPG going to do with my information?

PPG is continually seeking opportunities to improve color. The information will focus on the color selection and mixing processes in addition to product usage. This data will allow PPG to evaluate itself and provide improvements to our customers to develop better business and paint processes.

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If I have more than one PaintManager™ set up at my location; do I have to register each computer?

No. Only one registration of Internet Update is required per location. The final step of the registration process generates a unique PIN. The PIN coupled with the locations CTS number is all that is needed to download the Internet Update utility.

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PaintManager™ Subscription and Fees

Will my PaintManager™ CD mailing be cancelled when I register for Internet Update?

Yes. Once you register for the Internet Update program, you will no longer receive PaintManager™ CD’s in the mail. If you need specific hardware drivers that are typically available on the CD, go to the PaintManager™ Support page—you can download all hardware drivers needed to maintain your software system.

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How will my support fees be affected?

The annual software support fee covers the development and delivery of new PaintManager™ features and functionality—plus the ongoing e-mail, phone, remote and onsite field help needed to ensure our users are fully operational at all times. With the ability to receive monthly program and data updates (12 per year)—our customer service teams will be prepared to interface with our end users on a more frequent basis.

As a special incentive, support fee charges for customers who actively register and participate in the Internet Update program will be reduced from $300 to $100 upon their renewal date. For existing Internet Update customers that took advantage of the program in 2010, support fees will be reduced from $250 to $100. This change will take effect on their next yearly anniversary date.

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Can I receive a list of my subscription renewal dates?

To access your PaintManager™ subscription renewal dates, log into this website and go to PPG’s Online Ordering Services. Go to Subscriptions / Software Maintenance. Distributor locations and collision shops are listed with their PaintManager™ subscriptions and renewal month.

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As a Distributor, can I copy PaintManager™ CD’s for my shops?

No. The practice of reproducing PPG’s color information is a violation of the PaintManager™ software Lease / License Agreement. Any location requiring more frequent color updates and the most up-to-date PaintManager™ functionality should consider establishing a high-speed internet connection to the PaintManager™ computer.

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Internet Connectivity

What type of internet connection do I need?

A high-speed internet or “high data access” connection refers to any type of internet connection that is always available and is not a standard dial-up connection. Most cable, DSL, Satellite or Wireless Internet providers offer the most popular methods for achieving fast Internet access.

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Do I need an Internet connection in the mix room?

For the Internet Update utility to function, the computer operating the PaintManager™ software MUST have access to the internet – either directly or via a network. The computer should reside outside the mix room and be contained within a standard cabinet to prevent dirt and other debris from effecting its performance. (see Simple Network Reference Guide)

For assistance with installing Internet Update on a Simple Network Client for the PaintManager™ Report Viewer feature, this guide will walk you through the process steps.

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How do I secure / lock down my Internet connection?

There are several options you can take to protect your computer from viruses and malware while connected to the Internet. Refer to the Recommended PC Security Actions brief for suggested steps to protect your system.

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Does the computer need to be “ON” to receive updates?

Yes. Keeping the computer powered will allow the update to take place at the designated date and time. That is why it is important to keep the Internet Update utility open, but can be minimized. It is recommended that the user exit the PaintManager™ software at the end of each business day so the updates can run effectively. The computer MUST be ON and running during the update period.

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Does the PaintManager program need to be “ON” or running to receive updates?

No. The PaintManager™ program MUST NOT be open or running during the information transfer. For the Internet Update utility to function, the computer must be powered on and the Internet Update utility running but minimized.

Your current PaintManager™ program CD has a feature that will automatically shut down the software program at a specified time. This will allow your Internet Update application to run and provide you with the most up-to-date color formulas and program updates. The user simply needs to start the PaintManager™ program the next day.

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Does the Internet Update program need to be “ON” or running to receive updates?

Yes. The Internet Update program installed on the computer is all that is needed to be open or running while the information transfer takes place. The PaintManager™ program MUST be closed and not running during the information transfer. Get into the habit of minimizing the Internet Update application.

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My internet connection is slow, what can I do to speed up the download?

Connection speed is influenced by provider, location and time of day. Your Internet Update utility should be configured to perform the data transfer outside of typical working hours.

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Since I am connecting to the Internet, should virus protection software be installed on my computer?

Yes. Antivirus software is highly recommended for any computer that is connected to the internet. Select a software package that provides virus protection and the ability to scan files and remove infections. Refer to the Recommended Tools to Facilitate Network Connectivity document for suggested steps to protect your system.

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Internet Update Features and Functionality

When will the Internet Update utility run?

The Internet Update utility can be set up to operate on a weekly (which is highly recommended) or monthly schedule. The user can control the specific day and frequency. To learn more about the configurable options, please view the Internet Update User Guide.

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How do I know I received my updates?

The main screen of the Internet Update utility will post the results of the most recent update. For more information, refer to the Internet Update User Guide.

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What information is available with the Internet Update utility?

As with the PaintManager™ CD updates, new color formulas, products, and pricing are key components of the data transfer. The Internet Update utility will also provide Paint Manager™ upgrades in features and functionality when available. This process will also upgrade the Internet Update utility as well. For more information, refer to the Internet Update User Guide.

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Do I have to enter my PIN each time I want to receive an update?

No. The PIN is generated during the registration process and is used only one time during the configuration of the Internet Update utility. Only one PIN is needed and can be used in combination with the location’s CTS number.

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Once I have Internet Update functioning, will I need a CD to update PaintManager™?

No. A fully functional Internet Update utility is all that is needed to have the most current program, color and product information.

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Can the Internet Update work with my e-Fiche color retrieval software?

No. The Internet Update utility is designed to supplement the PaintManager™ color retrieval software only. It will update all relevant information and functionality to allow formula retrieval, mixing and reporting capabilities.

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Internet Update Support

Who do I contact if I have problems?

For Internet Update registration questions, contact:


Country Email Address Contact Number
United States reftechserv@ppg.com 1-800-647-6050 Option 1,2,1
Canada dl-castlecustserv@ppg.com 1-888-310-4762
For Internet Update program and functionality questions, contact: PPG Computer Support Helpdesk at 1-800-647-6050, option 1,2,2,1


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