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PPG Commercial Coatings Introduces Delfleet Essential Basecoat

We’re happy to announce that the Delfleet Essential® line has grown. Delfleet Essential now has a 3.5 VOC basecoat offering to compliment the line and expand its capabilities. The basecoat offers fast dry speeds, pearl color capability, and a longer warranty. If you are selling into the value conscious market for overall repairs, refurbishments, or striping, this will be a great product for your toolbox.

We designed the basecoat to be just as easy-to-use as the single stage topcoat. To mix an Essential basecoat, the ESSS color is mixed with a new basecoat converter (ESB800) and new hardener (ESH210) at a mix ratio of 2:1:1.

Both of the new components are sold in quarts, so you can easily sell the basecoat as a 2 gallon kit.

Best of all, the decision to mix the color as a single stage or basecoat is made when ready to spray, so inventory can be streamlined.

Color look up is easy too because a single stage or basecoat can be made from the same formula.

Key Highlights:

  • 3.5 RTS VOC
  • Utilizes Delfleet® Evolution F38XX pearls for expanded color palette
  • 3 year warranty when used with ESC621
  • Same ESSS color formula can be made into a single stage topcoat or basecoat
  • 2:1:1 mix ratio with new ESB800 converter and ESH210 hardener
  • Out of dust in 15-30 minutes; Can be cleared in 30 minutes and taped in 2 hours
  • Technical Data Sheet: DFE-21 ESSS Basecoat
  • New orange Essential labels for the basecoat components to identify the basecoat “package”
  • Separate sell out labels: L5970XBC-1 through 4 (X to signify pack size)
  • Separate MSDS: ESSS #1 through 4 (Basecoat).
    Single stage will have (Single-Stage) in description.