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2009 News

Commercial Coatings offers Corashield waterborne anti-chip coating

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – June 29, 2009 – PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced Corashield®, an environmentally-friendly coating formulated to provide resistance to chipping, cracking and marring of painted or unpainted surfaces from high-impact sand, gravel or other abrasive material.

According to Dave Chapman, marketing director, PPG Commercial Coatings, Corashield is ideal for use on underbodies, inner wheel wells, fender liners, interior door panels, running boards and other similar applications. As a versatile, single-component product, Corashield can be applied by spraying, brushing or rolling onto exposed surfaces and into restricted areas by spray wands.

“This is an extremely effective coating,” says Chapman. “OEMs have used Corashield with great success. It’s suitable for application over steel, aluminum, fiberglass and most metal primers, plus it can even be topcoated. As a waterborne, zero-VOC product, it’s also ecologically-sound.”

Corashield features:

  • Excellent chip, crack, mar and corrosion resistance
  • A high performance-to-price ratio
  • A zero-VOC and non-HAP coating
  • Lightweight & sag resistance – wet film build of up to 40 mils without runs or drips
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