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PPG Commercial Coatings is dedicated to delivering corrosion protection to the trucking industry. To learn how we can supply the innovative coatings to meet your specific requirements and production capabilities, contact your local PPG representative or distributor. You can also request a free corrosion audit anytime with our expert Corrosion Audit Team.

Free Corrosion Protection Audit.

Call upon our expertise and help ensure your system for fighting corrosion on your commercial-grade equipment offers the best possible solution. To schedule your no-obligation, free PPG corrosion audit, simply contact a member of our Corrosion Audit Team:

Bill Mamlock
(618) 407-8109
Paul Catanzarite
(412) 228-8839
Lou Milanovich
(612) 325-8501
Ron Yarnell
(678) 234-4745
Free Corrosion White Paper.

Get up to speed on the latest knowledge in fighting galvanic corrosion. This free corrosion white paper is just a sample of the understanding and insights that can make your operation and builds more effective.
Minimizing the effects of galvanic corrosion (2.58 MB)


Worldwide Experience. One-of-a-Kind Solutions.

PPG delivers innovative, custom-tailored products for builders and upfitters across the globe, and we can put that experience to work for you.

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