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The easy-to-use, online estimating system for heavy-duty truck repairs.

As a one-of-a-kind estimating system designed and built specifically for the heavy-duty truck market, the AdjustRite® commercial estimating system incorporates proprietary logic and advanced internet technology to produce accurate, detailed repair estimates based on a sophisticated database that’s compiled from truck parts and actual fleet repair data history. Moreover, this advanced program offers the unique capability to incorporate authentic truck model information, and it’s the only fleet repair estimating system that takes into consideration the actual repair process as well as the associated parts and labor needed for the repair.

  • Standardizes and improves the overall estimating process
  • Creates more accurate estimates and repair orders
  • Captures often-missed opportunities for increased revenue
  • Advanced, built-in logic automatically calculates overlap / overhaul
  • Saves time, improves productivity
  • Superior record-keeping capability
  • Eliminates non-value-added shop activities
  • Works as an estimating training tool
  • Creates professional documentation for customers and insurers
  • Provides a filing system to quickly retrieve and organize information
  • Available 24/7—anywhere you have access to the internet

AdjustRite is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.