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Top 10 Reasons Insurance Professionals Use AdjustRite® Software

  1. Computerized appraisal system specifically designed for heavy equipment claims
    From creating the claim assignment to sending the final invoice, the AdjustRite® system does it all!
  2. Assigns losses to staff appraisers, independents or preferred shops
    Seamlessly assigns claims, with online live transfer of data back to the assigning company. Perfect for carriers, TPA’s or fleet repair management.
  3. User-defined custom databases
    Custom databases can be easily created for all types of units, such as buses, skidders, cranes or crawlers.
  4. Equipment and Condition reports
    Generates complete and detailed E & C reports for tractors, trailers, off-road or forestry equipment.
  5. Total loss evaluation
    Easily creates a detailed total loss evaluation with the capability of averaging numerous comparables or selecting just one. Provides a separate section to detail additions or deductions.
  6. Automates salvage bids
    Automated bids can be emailed to salvage yards, incorporating preloaded photos and the E & C report. The salvage yard is provided with a direct link for viewing photos and E & C—with the ability to submit an online bid.
  7. File notes functionality
    A complete file notes package makes it easy to add predefined notes—with user friendly insert, delete, re-order and edit functions. Summary totals transfer automatically to the carrier invoice.
  8. Logic, Logic, Logic
    Calculates fair and accurate appraisals by performing a full logic analysis upon completion of the appraisal. Overhaul, overlap and included operations—as well as optional equipment—are all taken into account.
  9. Uploading and storage of photos and documents
    Field damage photos are uploaded and automatically mounted on photo sheets and attached to the appraisal. Tow bills, police reports and temporary repair bills can also be scanned and loaded into the system.
  10. One-step reporting
    The AdjustRite® software’s report system provides the appraiser with the flexibility to print just the estimate (and other reports) or to assemble the entire file into a single Adobe PDF document, which can be stored locally or emailed immediately to the carrier. By handling virtually all of the tasks an appraiser manages on a day-to-day basis, productivity and accuracy greatly increase.