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Delfleet Essential

When value is essential.

Designed to complement PPG’s premium-grade Evolution line, Delfleet Essential® is a simple, single-stage, compliant system that delivers a quality finish at an economical price. It’s an ideal choice for refurbishing older vehicles or overall paint jobs. Painters will find this economical, compact system simple to mix and easy to apply.

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  • One simple topcoat selection
  • High solids topcoat and primers
  • 2.8 VOC that sprays like a 3.5-VOC product
  • Good color match, gloss and color hold out
  • Compact mixing system of only 30 toners
  • Simple 6:1:1 mixing ratio
  • Good flow and levelling
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast drying
  • Good mar resistance
  • Solid colors can be cross-coated
  • 2-Year limited warranty available
ideal for
  • Independent fleet repair shops
  • Body builders
  • Trailer builders
  • Agricultural and construction equipment refurbishers
  • Garbage and refuse haulers
  • Municipal fleets
  • Truck dealers involved in reconditioning
  • Fleets refurbishers

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