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Commercial Specialty Products

Protect your commercial vehicles with the latest in advanced technologies. PPG has you covered with its DuraBull heavy-duty, Corashield anti-chip, and award-winning Audioguard® sound-dampening coatings, as well as with ECK corrosion prevention compound.

DuraBull Heavy-Duty Protective Coatings Corashield Waterborne Anti-Chip Coating

Protect your heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with the ultimate in heavy-duty protective coatings. Learn more.

Prevent chipping, cracking and marring of surfaces with Corashield protective undercoat. Learn more.

Audioguard Acoustical Coatings ECK Corrosion Prevention Compound

Reduce vehicle vibration and interior noise using the award-winning Audioguard acoustical coatings. Learn more.

Stop dissimilar metal corrosion before it starts by applying ECK corrosion prevention compound. Learn more.