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Equipment: Corashield® Waterborne Anti-Chip Coating

Spray Equipment Recommendations

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Obtain more information on equipment from qualified manufacturers such as Graco®, Ingersoll Rand and Sealant Equipment:

Contact your local equipment distributor for pricing and availability.

Airless Spray

The desired spray equipment for application of PPG's water-based Corashield® is commonly referred to as "airless spray" and is applied using a hydraulic ram or ratio pump.

Spray Settings

Each application may require a different spray pattern, volume or pressure to achieve the desired result. Pumps of varying pressure ratios and flow rates are available. In most cases, a final pressure of 3,500–4,000 psi is sufficient.

Tips and Nozzles

Various spray tips and dispense nozzles are compatible for applying Audioguard, and they come in a variety of fan widths and orifices. Choose the tip based on the coating thickness desired, viscosity and percent solids.

After following standard cleaning procedures, your  Corashield equipment can be used to spray other products such as PPG's award-winning  Audioguard ® product—a waterborne coating that provides noise reduction and structural vibration dampening.