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Equipment: DuraBull™ Heavy Duty Protective Coatings

Spray equipment, set-up and support—PPG makes it easy...

What can you expect after ordering?

  1. Equipment Customization
    We will customize your new equipment to meet the stringent temperature, pressure and mix ratio requirements critical to the successful application of aliphatic polyurea.
  2. Testing & Calibration
    We will perform in-house testing and calibration before delivery is arranged.
  3. On-Site Training
    A PPG expert will arrive with your equipment to provide on-site training on how to spray DuraBull safely and productively.

PPG-Optimized Application Equipment

Graco® Reactor H-XP2 Hydraulic Pump

  • Top-of-the-line system
  • Specifically designed to apply DuraBull™ with the accurate temperatures and pressures necessary for superior results
  • Provides highest value for the greatest performance
  • Intended for high-output application; ideal for in-plant OEMs
  • Provides superior, uninterrupted performance
  • On-board system diagnostics and material data provide total operational control over temperature and performance
  • Fewer working parts and a modular design reduces the cost and time spent on maintenance

Graco GX-7 DI Spray Gun

  • Great mixing and pattern control
  • Mechanical-purge for dependable performance
  • Fewer parts equals easier cleaning
  • Proven as the most dependable gun in the business