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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features and benefits of PPG's DuraBull™ Protective Coating?

DuraBull™ technology offers excellent exterior durability of color and gloss as well as exceptional fade resistance compared to competitive offerings. This PPG technology was the first bedliner coating to be applied as an OEM finish at large automotive assembly plants and has met or exceeded extensive automotive performance requirements.

DuraBull™ offers excellent durability and wear resistance at 30-60 mils resulting in:

  • Less material used
  • Less application labor
  • Less weight per unit

In addition, DuraBull™ features include:

  • 100% solids, zero VOC and zero HAPs
  • Direct adhesion to e-coat, many primers, and most clearcoats
  • Aliphatic-based Polyol and isocyanate provide superior exterior durability
  • Industry-leading chemical and temperature resistance
  • High elongation (up to 200%) provides superior crack and mar resistance
  • Capable of achieving variety of premium textured appearances
  • DuraBull's lower dry film thickness allows diamond plate and other textured surfaces to be noticed

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What type of application equipment is required?

PPG has worked extensively with Graco® to develop modifications to standard Graco® equipment specific to our DuraBull™ product. This allows for parts availability through Graco® distribution channels. Our equipment has also been designed to minimize waste with flushing requirements. Because of extremely tight mix ratio tolerances, DuraBull™ must be appled with PPG supplied equipment.

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What type of power is required to run this equipment?

The Graco® H-XP2 hydraulic pump requires a 220 volt, 60 amp, 3-phase circuit; or a 220 volt, 100 amp, single phase circuit. A 110 volt, 30 amp supply is needed for the drum band heater. An additional air supply is required for the diaphragm pumps and agitators.

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What kind of equipment maintenance should be followed?

Standard operating practices for traditional paint gun equipment, including tip cleaning and flushing.

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What type of spray facility is required?

DuraBull™ is a 2K isocyanate activated product. So, as with any 2-component urethane application, standard environmental, personal protective equipment, health and safety practices should be observed. PPG publishes additional information regarding the safe use and handling of isocyanates. Additionally, due to the nature of DuraBull application, PPG recommends a dedicated side-, cross-, down-draft or water-wash spray booth and a maintained temperature of 70°F to 90°F. Application technique can be adjusted for various temperature environments. Federal, state, local and OSHA guidelines should be followed as a final guideline.

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Can DuraBull be repaired?

Yes. Simply follow PPG's established repair procedures. DuraBull can be recoated over itself without need for mechanical abrasion, other primers or adhesion promoters. A customized repair solution can be developed suitable for a specific application and line condition.

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Can DuraBull be applied direct to metal?

No. DuraBull requires a primer or topcoat. DuraBull is usually applied over cured e-coat, primer or topcoat after adhesion has been confirmed, within 3 days. Aged or weathered paint, or any surfaces to which adhesion has not been confirmed (wood, plastic, rubber, foam, etc.) may require a specialized preparation process before DuraBull is applied. DuraBull must be applied over a clean, dry surface, therefore the surface must be wiped free of dirt and contaminants.

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How do you mask for a DuraBull application?

A wire/fiber trim tape is used on the outside edge of the application area, followed by conventional masking with plastic films or bags. Additional, specialized masking solutions can be tailored to reduce process times and material masking costs.

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What are the dry times for DuraBull?

DuraBull will gel and become tack free within 45 seconds. Standard flash time between build coat and texture coat is 45 seconds. Removal of wire trim tape should occur within 3–8 minutes of spraying. Complete de-masking is permitted anytime after that. The DuraBull finish can be placed outside and exposed to precipitation after 10 minutes. DuraBull can be lightly walked on after 60 minutes of curing.

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What colors are available?

DuraBull is available in light gray and black as standard colors. Additional durable exterior colors are available on a special order basis.

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