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Performance: DuraBull Heavy Duty Protective Coatings

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Harness the reputation of PPG for your brand.

PPG is known and respected worldwide for its expertise and innovation in coatings technology. Customers throughout the world rely on PPG to bring them the latest and best in all kinds of finishes. Isn't it time you put the power of PPG to work for you?

DuraBull Performance Test Results
Weathering Minimal loss of gloss with no chalking or fading at 1- and 2-years
FL, 5000+ kj Xenon WOM
Heat/Cold Resistance No appearance or performance change after 500 hours at 90°C
and 3 hours at -40°C
Chemical Resistance

No appearance or performance change after 24 hours:

  • spot testing with sulfuric acid, 5% caustic soda, cedar
    oil (class 1 reagent) and albumin, brake fluid
  • immersion in class 3 anti-freeze and SJ 5W-30 engine oil
  • 45° angle drip testing with leaded and lead-free gasoline or soak
    testing with lead-free and E85 gasoline
Abrasion Resistance Minor loss of gloss and no film loss after 100 cycles of Taber test
with CST10 wheel at 500g load, 400 cycles in "A" nail test with
907g load, and 10- and 30-strokes in crockmeter test with 800
grit paper
Impact Resistance No damage observe when 500g steel ball is dropped from height
of 100 cm
Chip Resistance No damage observed in SAEJ400 gravelometer testing using
no. 6 and 7 crushed stone, five cups of no. 8 road gravel, and
hexagon nuts with panels at 25°C and -20°C
Proven Tough Against the Competition
Brand Init. Gloss (60) 288 Hours 586 Hours 1347 Hours 3000 Hours
Competitor 1 7.4 0.5 0
Competitor 2 7.7 0.1 0
Competitor 3 2.3 0.1 0
Competitor 4 72 28 12 2.4 0
PPG 30 30 27 25 18