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ECK® Corrosion Protection Compound

Stop the destruction before it starts.

ECK® (Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol) is a patented compound that provides a cost-effective way to prevent expensive repairs caused by dissimilar metal corrosion. By forming a long-lasting, moisture-resistant barrier between dissimilar metals, ECK outperforms traditional methods of preventing corrosion such as silicone-based products, plastic insulating tapes, etc. ECK can also be used as an anti-seizing agent—preventing bolts and fasteners from galling and seizing.

By exclusive arrangement with Van Nay, LLC, PPG is the sole US distributor of the convenient ECK squeeze tube package.

more information

    • Cost-effective, patented corrosion protection
    • Prevents corrosion of any metal  
    • Available in easy-to-apply squeeze tube 
    • Prevents paint blistering
    • Replaces barrier & plastic insulating tapes 
    • Keeps moisture out of unwanted areas 
    • Protects painted & un-painted surfaces
    • Safe to use with rubber and plastic
    • Prevents seized bolts & galling
    • Has no shelf-life
    • Withstands temperatures up to 1,000°F. 
    ideal for:
    • OEM Heavy Duty Truck Body Builders, such as:
      • Fire & Emergency Vehicles
      • Concrete Truck
      • Dump Trucks
      • Service Utility Vehicles
      • Refuse & Recycling Trucks
      • Crane Trucks
    • Agricultural/Construction Equipment
    • Military Vehicles 
    • Trailer Manufacturers
      • Horse
      • Cargo
      • Commercial Over-the-Road
      • Boat & Watercraft
      • Flatbed