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Certification Programs

Paint Technician Certification

Available to users of PPG's Deltron and Global Refinish paint systems, technician certification training is the core program of PPG's effort to keep paint technicians abreast of new products, proper application procedures, equipment, as well as environmental, health and safety issues. The program offers five levels of certification: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master level.

The basic, blue level certification course is open to technicians who have one year of professional experience. Upon completion, the refinish technician becomes certified and the collision center where the painter is employed is eligible to offer the PPG Paint Performance Limited Guarantee.

As a continuing education program, paint technicians must be recertified every 2 years to maintain their PPG Certification. Each time a recertification course is taken, the technician advances a level. Upon completion of the Gold level, the technician is eligible to take the PPG Master Technician certification course.

Distributor Technical Representative Certification

Available exclusively to PPG Platinum Distributors, PPG's Distributor Technical Representative Certification (DTRC) is an innovative new program designed to strengthen the competence and confidence of tech reps and create a significant competitive advantage for your business. DTRC participants face the rigors of a professional program that includes a 2-day, hands-on performance evaluation at a PPG training center. After successful completion, your tech rep will receive certification on the most advanced refinish technologies.

Technical Colleges

Until recently, PPG's technician certification training program, taught by PPG refinish instructors, was open only to technicians possessing a minimum of one year's work experience. However, in response to the critical shortage of qualified technicians in the industry, PPG has partnered with select colleges and technical schools to give students the opportunity to become industry certified through the PPG Partners in Education™ program. To become PPG certified, students must pass both written and hands-on testing conducted by PPG. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is awarded PPG certification, which is valid for a two-year period.