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At PPG, we provide a comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic electrocoats to a variety of markets. Our products are manufactured globally, supported by local sales and service teams that can provide timely, on-site support. In addition, our electrocoat technology centers are staffed with experts in the electrocoat industry that provide a variety of laboratory, educational and equipment services to keep our customers’ production running smoothly.

What is Electrocoat?

Anodic or Cathodic

Electrocoats are considered either anodic or cathodic, depending on the polarity of the part, paint and electrodes in the system. PPG Electrocoats are classified into four separate technologies, each offering different properties or advantages: Anodic Epoxy, Anodic Acrylic, Cathodic Epoxy, and Cathodic Acrylic.
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Why Choose Electrocoat?

Total Applied Cost



Environmental Impact

There are numerous benefits to electrocoating. The value of electrocoating can be measured in terms of total applied cost, productivity, performance or environmental impact. Whereas other liquid or powder coating options may deliver equal value in some areas, no other coating process offers more total value to an end user than electrocoat.
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What's New

PPG Electrocoat, the Electrocoat Association, and Products Finishing Magazine are excited to announce the ECOAT14 Conference in Orlando, Florida April 22-24, 2014.

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