Training Services

PPG offers a wide variety of training services:

  • Orientation Training – Conducted on-site at a customer’s facility, prior to and during a system start-up, to ensure that personnel are familiar and comfortable operating the system.
  • Advanced Training – Two-day classroom style seminars at our R&D facilities (Knowledge College)
  • Customized Training – Able to accommodate requests for specialized training, usually on-line at a customer’s site.

Knowledge College

PPG provides advanced electrocoat training because we know that the best performance of our customers' electrocoating systems will result from the combined expertise of our customers, our suppliers and ourselves. The purpose of this two-day advanced training class is two-fold:

  1. To help our customers better understand the electrocoating process
  2. To acquaint our customers with the electrocoating team and their expertise so we can do the best possible job of servicing all of their electrocoating system needs.

Advanced training is conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by many of the same people you deal with regularly as a PPG Electrocoating customer. The class is comprehensive, highly informative, well documented and action-packed. In addition, this training could possibly be counted as part of the ISO Certification process for electrocoating-line personnel. We look forward to seeing you soon.


DAY ONE: Consists of classroom-type presentations held in Pittsburgh, PA. All meals and refreshments are provided. Topics include:

  • Electrocoating Basics – A discussion of basic electrocoating chemistry and how electrocoat works.
  • Equipment – An introduction to the types of systems and processes used to electrocoat parts, and how equipment is designed and built properly.
  • Pretreatment Basics – Highlights the different types of processes and how to successfully pretreat parts prior to electrocoating
  • Health, Safety and Environmental – Review of MSD Sheets, VOCs and HAPs

DAY TWO: Morning classes on Day Two are held in Pittsburgh. Afternoon classes are held at our Research and Development center in Springdale, PA. Transportation to and from Springdale is provided, as well as breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Topics include:

  • Troubleshooting Part I - Provides a focus on maintaining parameters and out-of-range results. Ties previously presented material into everyday production reality (i.e., solids, P/B, conductivity).
  • Troubleshooting Part II - How to identify, track and resolve customer tank problems on a timely basis.
  • Tour – Visit the Springdale electrocoating laboratories including the Customer Response, Tank Sampling, PerformanceTesting and Product Development labs.
  • Closing Evaluation


2013 classes are full.  Check back soon for an annoucement regarding the 2014 dates and contact you local PPG sales or service representative to register.

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