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PPG extrusion coatings are engineered for architectural applications

Extrusion coatings are formulated for use over preformed components such as store fronts, curtain walls, windows and louvers. Aluminium extrusions require coatings that resist long term exposure in aggressive environments. With the evolving global supply chain for construction products, it is more important than ever to work with a coatings supplier who has global reach and specification presence, combined with local service.

PPG’s Extrusion Coatings business is a full-service organization offering expert assistance with surface preparation and coatings selection. In addition PPG offers world-class colour services, remote diagnostic capabilities and the industry’s largest colour database. Coatings are available in a wide range of applications with short lead times and greatly reduced batch-to-batch variability through PPG’s computer-controlled Kaleidoscope™ workcell coatings manufacturing technology.

PPG Featured Products for Aluminum Extrusions

Duranar® Coatings

Duranar® Coatings are the industry's most trusted and specified brand of liquid and powder fluoropolymer coating. Duranar fluoropolymer coatings are formulated with 70% Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® base resin (PVDF) and durable pigmentation. Duranar coatings are factory applied (and oven cured) by PPG Certified or Approved applicators. Duranar liquid coatings provide the widest range of bright metallic effects while Duranar powder coatings provide superior hardness in an environmentally friendly application.

Additional PPG Extrusion Coatings Products

PPG is a global supplier of liquid and powder extrusion coatings that meet every performance level for residential, commercial construction and specialized applications such as recreational vehicles and sports equipment. PPG’s global fluoropolymer, acrylic and polyester platforms are customized to meet regional market requirements. To learn more about PPG’s extrusion products and applicators for architectural applications, visit the PPG IdeaScapes web site.

Why PPG?
PPG’s commitment to the extrusion market gives building owners, architects and coating applicators confidence in working with a trusted global partner which provides coatings, warranties, colour service and architectural support.
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