PPG Protecting Wood Since 1900

Specialty factory applied industrial wood coatings with UV (UltraViolet) / EB (ElectroBeam) and WB (Waterborne) technologies for enhanced appearance and performance.

With more than 100 years of wood industry experience, PPG solves coatings challenges with technology and lowers overall cost of operation with application expertise. PPG’s experts bring our customers the latest colour styling and design trends, and turns them into products that run efficiently. As one of the world’s largest wood coatings producers, PPG protects wood, vinyl, and composite components with industry leading products, productivity solutions and services with innovation and leadership through environmentally progressive technologies.

PPG offers all of the steps for an outstanding finish: Toners, Primers, Stains, Fillers, Sealers, Glazes and Topcoats. Available in 100% solids UV, reduced solids UV, WB and SB products, spray or vacuum applied, PPG supports the wood and resilient flooring market, windows and doors, flooring accessories, as well as the architectural mouldings industry.

In addition to our traditional wood coatings portfolio, PPG offers unique specialty products like UV Cured Coatings for Steel Pipes, Electro-Beam coatings for exterior cladding and flat panels, and ink resins for resilient flooring.

PPG Featured Products for the Wood Market

Wood Interior/Flooring/UV Specialties

PPG’s Raycron® UV Coatings are made of 100% solids, i.e. they contain no water and no solvent, thus having a positive impact on the environment as they pollute neither the air nor water. Additionally, the energy consumption for curing is substantially reduced compared to other technologies which require hot air ovens. The Raycron® product family includes Raycron, Raycron II, Raycron SR, Raycron WB, Raycron ST, Raycron TC, and Raycron for PVC flooring and for tubes.

PPG’s Claritage™ stains are used over millwork, flooring, architectural and cabinetry components. PPG’s Environ™ stains are used over millwork, flooring, architectural, and cabinetry components. PPG’s Veveo Wood™ products have different technologies to cover the interior wood segment in Europe.

Exterior Joinery

PPG’s Flexacron™ is a high-performance solvent base, 2K finishing system independently tested in extreme environmental conditions for film erosion, colour and glass retention, and chalk and chemical resistance. Flexacron™ is one of the few non-flouropolymer coatings to meet most of the performance requirements of AAMA 2603 and 2604. The Flexacron™ product family for the wood market includes Flexacron and Flexacron HR.

PPG’s D&M™ Coatings and Sigma™ Brand Coatings product range is available in many technologies to meet the specific needs of different end-uses such as Waterborne alkyd emulsion, acrylic, polyurethane, or hybrid systems for all kinds of joinery products, both interior and exterior. UV curing paints for boards, plates, doors and panels (interior and exterior), electron beam curing coatings, primers and matt topcoats, and for doors and panels (interior and exterior) that require extreme durability and scratch resistance.

Interior Joinery

PPG’s Duralink™ WB topcoat is an excellent UV cured product for treated wood, fiberglass and prepared vinyl substrates for interior applications. PPG’s Environ™ topcoat is an excellent product for primed wood, fiberglass and prepared vinyl substrates for interior applications. PPG’s Envirocryl™ topcoat is an excellent product for primed wood substrates. PPG’s Environ™ primer is an excellent product for primed wood preparations. For interior use application, the PPG’s D&M™ Coatings and Sigma™ Brand Coatings are also available.

Why PPG?
With over 100 years of experience and a global reach, PPG wood coatings provide technical solutions to industrial wood coating challenges.
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