Water Borne - Envirobase High Performance System 

The world's most advanced waterborne basecoat system.

Envirobase High Performance is a new-age waterborne basecoat system that turns around traditional thinking.  Its advanced formulation techniques have resulted in a unique system that is able to combine both eco-friendly credentials and all the speed, productivity and user-friendliness a modern collision repair centre needs to enhance profitability.

Building on ten years of well-proven PPG waterborne experience, Envirobase High Performance really delivers with a wealth of standout features:

- Market leading waterborne colour offering
- Cutting edge pigments for unprecedented colour accuracy
- First-class opacity for great coverage and lower material usage
- No mixing or stirring - just shake and away you go
- Fast! - Very little flash-off needed before clearcoating means fast cycle times
- Easy to blend and produce an invisible fade-out
- Excellent aluminium control for a perfect finish
- Uses the flexible, high performance primers and clearcoats from PPG's premium GRS system
- Aligned with many OE paint finishes now using waterborne technology
- Supported by a full range of colour tools

The Complete Solution

Fully compatible products
Envirobase High Performance has been specifically formulated to work seamlessly with the range of peak performing primers and clearcoats from PPG's premium GRS systrem.  Together they offer an unbeatable level of flexibility, productivity, ease of use and quality finish. 


PPG has a flexible range of premium clearcoats t meet every requirement.  All are easy to use and are fully aligned to OEM requirements.

A premium HS clearcoat thta provides flexible options no matter what the situation calls for. 

D8105 PPG CeramiClearR
This revolutionary product uses patented nanoparticle technology to create an exceptionally tough surface that has been specifically formulated to match OE scratch and mar resistant finishes. 

D8122 PPG CeramiClearR
This version of PPG CeramiClearR has been optimised to create a balance of ease-of-use and scratch resistance.  It performs to a significantly higher level of scratch resistance than the standard clearcoat technology on the market, without compromising on fadeout and polishing characteristics. 


A quality finish starts with strong foundations and that means using the right primer.  PPG has a versatile range of primers that provide an ideal base for Envirobase High Performance topcoats, are easy to use and are fully aligned to the OEM market. 

D839 Prima Primer
This is a versatile, high-build 2K primer that is flexible enough to also work perfectly as a wet-on-wet primer.

D8046 2K High Build Primer
When the job demands a high build this is 'the' premier primer to use. 

D831 Universal Etch Primer
A top-quality chromate-free etch primer that has OEM approval.