New high productivity options and added versatility ensure PPG’s Delfleet Evolution continues to set the benchmark for CT paint systems.

PPG’s favourite of the Commercial Transport (CT) sector has been raised to an all new level with the next-generation Delfleet Evolution paint system benefiting from a range of substantial enhancements.
• True ‘High Solids’ technology offers ultimate performance whilst being low VOC and more environmentally friendly.
• Six new High Strength Lead-Free Tinters providing an effective answer to the requirements of the Australian Government lead legislation.
• Excellent opportunities to reduce cycle times.
• Easy to recognise colour coded labelling.
• More options, more versatility and even greater scope to increase paint shop performance.
• Still the same dependable functionality, along with an extensive and accurate library of fleet and OEM colour formulations.

No wonder Delfleet Evolution remains the high performance CT paint system against which others are judged!



Delfleet Evolution – the brand of choice for both OEM and refinish

CT vehicles are very different to the average car which is why PPG originally created its dedicated global CT paint system. Formulated for easy application, excellent gloss and durability under extreme conditions, its unique properties have since seen Delfleet become a favourite of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as well as CT refurbishers and repairers. Whether it’s being used to coat a truck cabin, to a coach body or a trailer chassis, users know Delfleet Evolution has what it takes to meet the specific needs of the CT industry. In particular, it has an excellent reputation for fleet colour accuracy which is reinforced by a huge database containing fleet colour formulas over several decades.

Leading OEMs around the world have already used Delfleet to coat literally tens of thousands of CT vehicles and trailers. Local OEMs include truck makers, Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, as well as many major bus, coach and trailer builders. Importantly, the Delfleet Evolution system that’s used so successful on-line by OEMs is exactly the same product available to refinish users. That brings significant advantages to the refinish market in terms of quickly and accurately matching the original ‘factory’ colour, finish and quality.

Advanced High Solids Technology

PPG is a pioneer of High Solids technology. Advanced High Solids products from PPG have made a major impact on reducing cycle times in the car refinish sector. Now, with Delfleet Evolution, CT users have access to the very latest ‘true’ High Solids technology.  Operators have the choice of an all new high performance F3117A High Solids Binder or the original Delfleet F3160 Binder.

Note: Delfleet Evolution differs from PPG’s car refinish systems in that it requires a ‘binder’ be used in the colour formulation before adding hardener and thinner. 

Spraying with the High Solids option means more paint can be applied to opacity quickly without fear of paint runs.

This leads to reduced cycle times and greater productivity. Where previously three or four coats were needed to achieve the required coverage for certain difficult colours, the High Solids Binder could reduce the process to just two coats. Consider how that could reduce labour time, accelerate production flow through the booth and increase your profitability!

Although no VOC legislation currently applies in Australia, 418-Line High Solids DG is the ‘green’ option since it already complies with the stringent 420 gm/L VOC limit that applies to commercial vehicle repair topcoats in the European Union and parts of the USA.



High Strength Lead-Free Tinters

Five new High Strength Lead-Free coloured tinters and a High Strength White Tinter give users the ability to achieve excellent performance while meeting the Australian Government lead legislation and providing greater workplace health and safety. They’re also ideal for today’s environmentally aware market where increasing numbers of fleet operators are specifying more eco-friendly lead-free paint products. 

PPG technicians specifically developed these High Strength Lead-Free Tinters to offer a more effective method of tackling colour formulations in bright yellows, reds, oranges and clean whites which are popular in CT. Based on the latest leadfree pigment technology, they provide opacity performance at least equal to lead based tinters and can achieve coverage in an acceptable number of coats. Combine them with the new High Solids Binder and you get excellent coverage and film builds that leads to real productivity gains, no matter what colour you are applying!

Note: The remaining Delfleet Evolution tinter range is unchanged, with the same high level of performance customers rely on.

Next generation appearance

A fresh new look makes spotting specific Delfleet Evolution products easy. Labels feature a ‘stainless steel’ background with icons displaying the system’s CT applications and for extra convenience they are now colour coded to each component in the range making it easier to pick them at a glance.

Blue – Tinters
Green – Primers
Red – Binders
Orange – Clearcoats
Purple – Ancillary products

Revised product coding moves the range into line with other global markets. Delfleet Evolution is made locally at PPG Australia’s Clayton, Melbourne plant and exported to various overseas markets.



Dependable performance

Advanced new features simply strengthen the characteristics that have made Delfleet Evolution the number one pick for commercial vehicle applications.

• A range of highly versatile primers, surfacers, fillers and undercoats that provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance for the many substrates found on a modern CT vehicle.
• Application properties tailored for a slower flash-off allow more time to move around the larger surface area without getting dry edges or overlaps.
• Sophisticated product formulations deliver superior durability, with exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance.
• A wide selection of DG topcoat colours and clearcoats produce a long lasting, premium quality finish.
• An almost limitless range of colours are available by using metallic and pearlescent finishes from PPG’s GRS BC mixing system and special effect finishes from the PPG Vibrance range. 

PPG support network

Choose any PPG paint system and you also get all the advantage of an extensive PPG support program. There’s a full range of colour tools, along with a comprehensive backup network that includes specialist technical training which can be accessed at PPG training facilities located around Australasia.