About PPG 

About PPG
The PPG Group

Founded in 1883 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, PPG Industries is a highly respected global supplier of coatings, glass and chemicals, employing more than 30,000 people in 21 countries worldwide.

The company has long been at the forefront of technology in each of its major industries. The company’s continuing emphasis on the development of breakthrough products and processes, investment in highly productive manufacturing facilities and establishing an effective global organisation combine to provide customers throughout the world with the best services and products of the highest quality.

The company embraces the Quality Process to fully meet customer requirements and do things right the first time, every time.

PPG is dedicated to continued leadership in its businesses, and
to the fulfilment of its obligations to customers, shareholders, employees and the communities and nations in which it operates.

Nano Technology

With the introduction of its new patented nano-technology, PPG is at the forefront of advanced clearcoat technology.

As the first supplier of nano-technology to Motor Manufacturers, PPG offers the market a durable scratch-resistant clearcoat, which retains it’s gloss for much longer.

CeramiClear contains nano-particles which accumulate on the surface of
the clearcoat, to give it a durable, scratch-resistant glossy finish, proven
in numerous rigorous laboratory and road tests.

Refinish Coatings

When you choose PPG you benefit from our 75 years of experience in developing automotive coatings. Regardless of the application, you can expect PPG to meet or exceed the most demanding requirements for gloss, durability, ease of use and compliance with European legislation.

Indeed, today, two out of every three cars made in Europe and North America now use PPG technology and know-how, making PPG the motor manufacturer's choice.