Bodyshop Layout 

Bodyshop Layout


How much time do your technicians waste doing things they shouldn’t need to do? Moving one car out of the way so that another one can get to the spraybooth? Looking for parts or tools kept somewhere else in the shop? Re-doing work because dirt got into the finish?

The truth is that the design of your workshop can have a big impact on your technician’s efficiency. And getting the layout right can make a big difference to your profit:

  • Smoother flow of work around the shop floor – less wasted time means more profit for the business
  • Cleaner, organised facilities leading to higher quality work – and greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee morale and personal productivity
  • Businesses grow with time – and workshops need to change with them.

PPG’s design and layout service will give you a practical plan to help transform the effectiveness of your workshop. And if you are planning to move premises or build a completely new workshop, PPG will work with you to develop a layout tailored to the needs of your new operations.

  • Space and work bays needed for your projected number of repairs
  • Major equipment needs and positioning – how many spraybooths, and where in the workshop should they be located?
  • How to fit in the “backroom” areas which play a vital part in running a workshop smoothly – parts storage, mixing room, offices, cloakrooms