Locations and Courses 

Locations and Courses

At PPG, we believe that continuous skills improvement is key to professional success. This is the inspiration behind Directions 21; a comprehensive set of training courses to help you become proficient regardless of your role in the automotive refinish industry. In addition to the training courses at our training facility in Stowmarket, our dedicated Training Team is able to offer tailor made training to meet specific needs at satellite training centres across the UK.


Introduction to Car Refinish Systems (2 days)
Suitable for trainee or inexperienced paint technicians who have little or no familiarity with two-pack paint systems.

At the end of the course, delegates will:
Have reached a level of competence which will enable them to play a useful part in the productive work of a modern bodyshop.
Have improved their spraying techniques. Be able to recognise and rectify simple paint faults. Understand simple paint systems.

Course Content
An introduction to Health & Safety and COSHH. Motor Manufacturers Process; Introduction to Paint Technology; Refinish Equipment; Spraying – the basic principles; Importance of preparation; Priming and primer sanding; The main paint systems and their use. Colour Identification Systems; Colour Mixing; Basic blending techniques; Basic Paint Problems and how to rectify them; Polishing; Use of VOC compliant products.

An Eye for Colour - Car (2 days)
Suitable for experienced paint technicians and paintshop foremen who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in colour matching.

At the end of the course, delegates will:
Have developed an understanding of colour and will have improved their confidence and effectiveness in tinting.

Course Content
Health & Safety; Colour Theory; How we see colour; How colours work with and relate to one another; Correct colour identification; Correct colour mixing.
How application can affect colour; Characteristics of different types of colour coat; Tinting solid colours, SCBs, metallics and 2 stage pearlescents; Identifying and handling difficult colours.

Smart Repair Techniques (2 days)
This specialised course is for technicians who have already attended the Car Refinish Systems Course and will introduce the technician to the SMART repair technique which is highly effective and productive for the repair of minor damage using the product range.

At the end of the course, delegates will:
Be able to use techniques to carry out repairs of minor damage.

Course Content
Safety, Health and Environment legislation. Spray equipment necessary for SMART repairs Objectives and limitations of SMART repair. Products used in SMART repair.

Introduction To Commercial Vehicle Systems (3 days)
Suitable for inexperienced commercial transport painters or painters who are new to a commercial transport paintshop.

At the end of the course, delegates will:
Be confident paint technicians who are able to contribute to production in the paintshop. Have improved their spraying techniques. Be able to select the correct product for the job. Be able to identify and rectify common paint faults.

Course Content
An introduction to Safety, Health and Environmental legislation. Commercial Transport paintshop equipment, HVLP, pressure pots, airless and airmix.
Preparation processes: Undercoat systems one pack and two pack.
Topcoat systems, one pack and two pack. Basecoat / clear, solvent and waterborne

Advanced Commercial Vehicle Systems (3 days)
Suitable for experienced Commercial Transport paint technicians and paintshop foremen.

At the end of the course, delegates will:
Have developed a professional approach to commercial transport 2 pack systems. Be able to maximise throughput by understanding product and processes. Have increased their product and equipment knowledge and minimised the need for rectification. Be aware of up to date paintshop requirements for product health and safety. Be able to achieve high quality results which satisfy the customer every time.

Course Content
An introduction to Safety, Health and Environmental legislation Preparation processes. Correct choice and usage of undercoat systems: Standard and Repair; Solid colour, rapid repair systems and repair techniques; Metallic basecoat and clear systems, correct usage techniques and repair techniques; waterborne basecoats, housekeeping correct usage and repair techniques;

For availability, more information or to book a course please contact Jenny France on 01449 773900.