EHS Policy 

EHS Policy

Environment, Health and Safety Policy 

PPG will market, distribute and manufacture products globally in a responsible manner that protects employees, neighbours, customers and the environment. To meet this objective, the PPG EHS Process, the management system, is integrated into each strategic business unit. PPG's policy incorporates the elements of Responsible Care and Coatings Care initiatives and emphasizes its commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability.

Specifically, PPG will do the following:

Safety and Health 
PPG will provide a safe and healthful workplace and partner with its employees to improve their health and that of their families.

PPG will design, build and operate its facilities in ways that prevent harm to public health and the environment, conserve energy, water and raw materials, integrate pollution prevention and make a positive contribution to the surrounding community and to society as a whole.

Product Stewardship 
PPG will assure that PPG products can be developed, produced, distributed, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner and advise customers on their safe use and handling. EHS concerns will be integrated into all of our business activities. PPG will train, equip and support all employees in the management of environmental, health and safety activities at PPG locations.

PPG will promptly alert persons to the known or reasonably foreseeable hazards of its raw materials, products, by-products and activities. PPG will report environment, health and safety performance annually and make such reports available to the public.

Government and Community
PPG will contribute to the development of responsible legislation and regulations concerning the environment, health and safety, and will participate in community activities related to EHS impacts from its facilities.

PPG will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning environment, health, safety and distribution, including the PPG EHS management system standards.