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PPG named finalist, given honorable mention in 2008 PACE Award program

PPG, the world’s leading manufacturer of transportation coatings, has been named a finalist and received honorable mention in the 2008 Automotive NewsPACE Award program.

The PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) Award recognizes innovation, technological advancement and business performance of suppliers that contribute products, processes, information technology, materials or services directly to the manufacture of cars or trucks. It is presented jointly by Automotive News, Microsoft, SAP and Transportation Research Center Inc.

A five-time PACE Award winner, PPG was named a finalist in the manufacturing process and capital equipment category for Green Logic paint detackifier. Used by domestic, European and Japanese automakers, Green Logic paint detackifier is added to the water wash system in automotive paint spray booths to denature and remove over-sprayed paint. The patented formula, which incorporates chitosan derived from crab, lobster and shrimp shells, provides an environmentally responsible alternative to detackifiers derived from non-renewable, petroleum-based raw materials or based on chemistries containing residual-free formaldehyde.

Green Logic paint detackifier has been named "best in class" by OEM users and nominated for many environmental awards because it helps automakers realize performance gains in paint detackification and overall paint spray booth operations. It also offers greater ease of operation and savings from reduced spray booth maintenance, biocide use and wastewater treatment. For more information, visit the PPG Automotive Coatings Web site.

PPG also received honorable mention in the manufacturing process and capital equipment category for 100 percent Esta bell waterborne basecoat – a European technology that uses a one-coat bell application. The innovative, environmentally responsible basecoat enables automotive manufacturers to reduce overall system costs and improve first-run capability without sacrificing performance by eliminating the need for a second pass of basecoat while still producing light metallic color matches that satisfy automakers’ requirements.

The Automotive News PACE Award honors suppliers who have embraced innovation or adapted and reinvented themselves to exceed the constantly rising expectations of their OEM customers and automotive consumers. PPG and other finalist and honorable mention companies were chosen from a thorough review of written submissions. In the coming months a panel of judges from industry, academia and business will conduct site visits for finalists to select winners, who will be announced in Detroit on April 14, 2008.

On the forefront of innovation in decorative and protective coatings and environmental application concerns since 1924, PPG helps automakers advance coatings technologies and application processes.

(Green Logic is a trademark of PPG Industries. )


The Wow factor - bringing new colours to market

Anything from a new design direction in architecture to the colour of a nail varnish can influence the next trend in vehicle paint colour. And, although the economic world market may be gloomy, according to PPG’s global team of colour experts, vehicle colour has a bright future.

Paint is one of the great differentiators in car design and plays an important role in marketing and sales. Just like the colour of walls in interiors has a dramatic effect on the style of a room, so too does the paintwork on a vehicle. Colour can transform the look and visual appeal of a vehicle and it is essential to sales that car designs are complemented by the right colours that are exciting to the eye and durable.

PPG has been playing a crucial role in the development of colour for vehicle manufacturers and the refinish market for generations, and its expertise in colour forecasting and automotive paint technology is renowned. Because vehicle manufacturers work several years in advance of volume car production, knowing what colours will be making headlines in the next three to four years is vital information for vehicle stylists and trim designers. Thanks to PPG’s expert global intelligence in colour prediction, it can offer and develop new colours with wow factor for the OE market that will be trend-setting and increase the attractiveness of a new vehicle model.

The colourists within the PPG Global Design and Colour Marketing Team have developed more than 130 colour concepts for vehicle manufacturers consideration for the 2011-2012 model years. The collection, which was paraded at PPG’s annual Colour Show in Germany November 2008, revealed some interesting shifts in colour. Silver, which has dominated the market for so long will feature hue shifting pigments which add subtle colour and warmth.

Colour is set to return to our roads, with blue one of the strong stories of the future.

“Our proposal for 2012 is based on lifestyle trends, from fashion, textiles, interior, furniture design and architecture,’ said Reiner Mueller-Koerber, who heads the PPG automotive OE team in Europe that is responsible for researching colour trends and also organising the Colour Show. “Our role is to analyse the trends and translate those ideas into automotive paint colours,” said Reiner. “The vehicle designers can then directly pick the colours from the Colour Show and use them on the vehicles they are working on.”

As well as developing new colours from the global team’s research, PPG’s colour experts are often asked by OE designers to create an individual colour and paint effect from an idea, particularly for concept vehicles. For example, PPG created a new look for the IOSIS Ford concept car which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s unusual blue-green toned grey with a paler blue flop, highlighted with flashes from a yellow pearl and glass flake pigment, created much interest at the show as well as approval by Jeremy Clarkson on BBC’s Top Gear.

It is by having such a deep insight into the colours that will appear on cars in the years to come, that help PPG serve their refinish customer so well. Jo Thompson, European Colour Manager explains “having a knowledge of the colour styles that will be adopted by the motor manufacturers in the coming years, enable us to ensure that we have the right pigments formulated into paint before they are needed.
Then sharing information between our OE business and our Refinish business, enables us to know which colours are in production, and to compare the colours coming off the production line with any standards we have gathered.

This allows us to identify any variants earlier than others, ensuring that these variants are available to our refinish customers at the earliest opportunity”

Being so involved in the supply of paint to all of the worlds leading motor manufacturers certainly helps keep our refinish colour offer up to date.