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At PPG Industries, our goal has always been to stay on the cutting edge of coating technology.

ELECTROCLEAR®and ELECTROCOLOR®, comprise a family of acrylic-urethane transparent clear and color electropaints formulated to deliver high gloss, decorative finishes with improved chemical and corrosion resistance. These finishes are applied over plated and base metal substrates such as gold, brass, silver, nickel, aluminum, copper, steel or stainless steel. The electrophoretic nature of these coatings enables them to adhere smoothly and evenly to irregular surfaces and enhance the most complex shapes.

IMAGINEthe possibilities! Have an automotive quality finish, which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

ACHIEVEsimulation of a wide range of application technologies from plated to anodized finishes using an organic coating. Taking advantage of electrodepostion, these high-performance cationic clear coatings result in high production efficiency and yields.

DELIVER extraordinary finishes with higher DOI (Distinction-of-Image) and enhanced appearance compared with powder or spray lacquer products. The ELECTROCLEAR® process has been proven globally to be extremely robust, allowing the user to easily implement production.

As with all of PPG’s electrocoat waterborne products, the ELECTROCLEAR® and ELECTROCOLOR® are low VOC, which reduces oven emissions and fire hazards, thereby improving worker safety.


In today's highly competitive cost-conscious world, PPG Industries provides you with product and service to optimize your bottom line. Electrocoat technology ensures your low per unit cost into the future.

ELECTROCLEAR®and ELECTROCOLOR®can be used in a wide range of applications:

• Optical Frames
• Door Hardware
• Extrusions
• Picture Frames
• Hand Tools
• Military Insignia
• Office Hardware
• Costume Jewelry
• Decorative Lighting Fixtures
• Furniture Hardware
• Writing Instruments
• Cigarette Lighters
• Performance After-Market

EC2800 Technical Data Sheet

EC2800 Process Guide

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