Pretreatment Cleaners

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Chemkleen 163
A popular automotive cleaner, and is tri-metal compatible. It handles a high soil load.

Technical Data Sheet 

Chemkleen 275
A liquid, biodegradable cleaner specifically formulated to be used in ultra-high pressure pre-cleaning equipment.

Technical Data Sheet 

Ultrax LT 8630
Ultrax LT8630 is a low-temperature cleaner designed for use on ferrous substrates.

Technical Data Sheet 

Ultrax LT8620
Ultrax LT8620 is a low-temperature cleaner designed for use on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. 

Technical Data Sheet

Ultrax 92D
Ultrax 92D is a liquid alkaline cleaner designed for immersion or dip cleaning applications. Capable of high soil loading for longer bath as compared to conventional immersion cleaners. Excellent all purpose cleaner for removing industrial grade soils from ferrous substrates (contains sodium nitrite to reduce flash rust).

Technical Data Sheet

Ultrax 93D
Ultrax 93D is the silcated version of Ultrax 92D designed for use in mixed metal lines (contains sodium nitrite to reduce flash rust).

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Chemkleen 29LS
Chemkleen 29LS is a (low) silicated-cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals that was developed to reduce or eliminate silicate dry-on in transfer systems or systems where long dwell times between processing stages may occur.

Technical Data Sheet

Ultrax 32
Ultrax 32 is free of inorganic phosphate and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE surfactants), which make it waste treatment friendly. Designed to remove a wide variety of soils including sulfurized and chlorinated oils. The high detergent package enables heavy soil loading and longer bath life as compared to conventional spray cleaners. 

Technical Data Sheet

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