Our pretreatment products are designed with PPG's lastest technology

The Importance of Pretreatment

The ultimate quality of a finish depends on how well the substrate is prepared. The term “pretreatment” is used to describe any chemical process undertaken before a surface is painted. PPG TrueFinish pretreatment products range from simple one stage pressure wash cleaner/coaters up to three and five stage spray or dip systems.

The pretreatment product line is designed with maximum flexibility to clean and coat your parts under a wide variety of temperatures, metal substrates, and metal qualities. The standard product offering features one-stage spray wand and three-stage systems. Designed with PPG's latest technology, these products offer solutions to many of your pretreatment needs.

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Pretreatment Products

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Traditional Iron Phosphates
View PPG TrueFinish Traditional Iron Phosphates

Iron Phophate Cleaners/Coaters
View PPG TrueFinish Iron Phosphate Cleaners/Coaters

Final Rinse and Sealers
View PPG TrueFinish Final Rinse and Sealers

Descale and Derust
View PPG TrueFinish Descale and Derust

Maintenance Products
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Product Benefits:

  • All products are biodegradable.
  • All products are in liquid form (no slurry tanks needed).
  • All products are easily dispersed in water.
  • Cleaner/coater concentration can be controlled easily through the metering system.
  • All products are free of chrome and heavy metals.

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