A broad range of solvents and sundries make your job easier


When it comes to ensuring your application needs, choosing the correct reducing and cleaning solvent is critical. To help you get it right the first time, we offer a broad range of solvents that make your job easier. All solvents are available in 5- and 50-gallon containers. Blended solvents are also available in 1-gallon containers.

SpectraThin Blends – specifically formulated to work with the solvent-based polyurethane product family across a broad range of temperatures.

AquaThin Blend – specifically formulated to work with the water reducible platform of products across a broad range of temperatures.

Standard Offering – a large, a-to-z offering of standard solvents. Whether it is acetone, xylene, or something in between, this product line can provide you with additional reduction options. Use the Polypurge products to clean your paint line and application equipment.

Solvent Properties Chart


Booth Maintenance Products


Your paint shop and/or booth must work properly to ensure that you meet your customer’s requirements. We offer a broad range of booth filters, intake filters, peelable booth coatings, and flame retardant coverings. These products can be ordered and delivered within 24 hours.



Often times, you need to mask-off, plug, or hang your parts to ensure your finish meets your customer’s needs. Our offering is designed to help you improve the quality of your finished parts. Products include:
  • Silicone caps
  • Plugs – silicone tapered stoppers, hollow tapered stoppers, and silicone pull plugs
  • Tape – green polyester and Hi-Temp Crepe
  • Discs – green polyester and wishbone discs
  • Hooks – V,S, and C-style

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