Touch-up products are matched exactly to your quality standards

Touch-Up Products

We offer three types of touch-up solutions to meet your repair needs:
  • Aerosol touch-up paint for larger jobs.
  • Brush-in-lid bottles for quick touch up using a tiny brush applicator.
  • Paint marking pens for pinpoint blemish repairs and assembly line production use.

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Touch-up Products

Fast dry exterior grade acrylic enamel that will adhere to most substrates and previously painted surfaces matched to your color and gloss specifications.

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Fast dry nitrocellulose lacquer that adheres to most substrates and topcoats.

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Product Benefits:

  • Exact matched to your standard for color, gloss, and performance needs.
  • Excellent exterior durability through use of high performance resins and pigments.
  • Fast drying and exceptional adhesion to a variety of surfaces.
  • Stocked black electrocoat aerosols in various gloss ranges are available for next day shipping.
  • Aerosols are available in metallic, textured, and "speckled" finishes.
  • Guaranteed minimum shelf life of one year.
  • Aerosols contain no lead or other heavy metal, no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or other ozone-depleting compounds.
  • Empty containers are recyclable (this may vary by location, so check with your local recycling center).


Response - Panels matched & sample sent within 5 working days after receipt of standard. Material is shipped within 10 working days after color is approved & ordered.

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